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HP Certification

ACA - Network Security ACA Campus Access Associate ACMX Advanced Sales Certified Aruba ACMA Aruba ACMP Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) V6.7 Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) Aruba Certified Design Associate (ACDA) Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) V8 Aruba Certified Design Professional (ACDP) V1 Aruba Certified Edge Associate (ACEA) Aruba Certified Edge Expert (ACEX) Aruba Certified Edge Professional (ACEP) Aruba Certified Engagement and Analytics Professional ACEAP V1 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) V8 Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) Aruba Certified Mobility Professional-ACMP V8 Aruba Certified Professional - Campus Access Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) V1 Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) V1 Aruba-ACNSA ASE ASP HP Advanced Sales Certified HP Advanced Sales Certified - Client Virtualization [2015] HP Advanced Sales Certified - Enterprise Networking Solutions and Services [2015] HP AIS HP APC HP APP HP APS HP ASC HP ASE HP ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V2 HP ASE - FlexNetwork Architect V2, HP ASE - FlexNetwork Integrator V1 HP ASE - FlexNetwork Integrator V1 HP ASE - HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1 HP ASE ProLiant Server Solutions Integrator V2 HP ASP HP ATP HP ATP - ArcSight Security V1 HP ATP - Server Solutions V2 HP Certification HP Certification I HP Certification II HP Certification III HP Certifications HP Certified Professional HP Consumer Americas HP CSA HP CSE HP Desktops and Workstations HP ExpertONE Certification HP Global Partner Learning HP MASE HP MASTERASE HP Other Certification HP Product Certified HP Sales HP Sales Certified HP Sales Certified - Automation and Cloud Management Solutions [2014] HP Sales Certified - Printing and Computing Services [2015] HP Sales Certified - Printing and Personal Systems Hardware [2015] HP Specialist HP Technical Certified I - Workstations [2015] HP Technical Certified II HP Technical Certified II Document Solutions 2016 HP Web Based HPASC HPASP HPE Aruba Certified HPE ASE HPE ASE - Composable Infrastructure Integrator V1 HPE ASE - Synergy Solutions Integrator V1 HPE ASE-Data Center and Cloud Architect V3 HPE ASE-Storage Solutions Architect V3 HPE ATP HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2 HPE ATP - Storage Solutions V2 HPE ATP-Data Center Solutions V1 HPE ATP-Server Solutions V4 HPE ATP-Storage Solutions V3 HPE GreenLake HPE Master ASE HPE Master ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1 HPE Master ASE Storage Solutions Architect V2 HPE Product Certified HPE Product Certified - Aruba Data Center Network Specialist HPE Product Certified - Aruba Location Services Specialist HPE Product Certified - Containers [2021] HPE Product Certified - OneView [2020] HPE Product Certified - OneView [2022] HPE Product Certified Synergy Solutions HPE Product Certified-Nimble Solutions 2018 HPE Sales Certified HPE Sales Certified - Hybrid IT Solutions (2019) HPE Support Services HPE Technical Certification HPE-ASE ProLiant Server Solutions Integrator V3 Master ASE Selling HP Printing and Personal Systems Hardware Technical Certified Technical Certified I

All HP Certification Exams

HP Exam Name
HPE8-M03 Advanced HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions Written
HPE8-M02 Advanced HPE Storage Solutions Written
HPE8-M01 Advanced HPE Compute Solutions Written
HPE7-A04 Aruba Certified Data Center Architect
HPE7-A03 Aruba Certified Campus Access Architect
HPE7-A02 Aruba Certified Network Security Professional
HPE7-A01 Aruba Certified Campus Access Professional
HPE6-A85 Aruba Certified Campus Access Associate
HPE6-A84 Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Written
HPE2-W11 Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions
HPE2-T38 HPE AI and Machine Learning
HPE2-N70 HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
HPE2-B06 HPE Solutions with Microsoft
HPE2-B05 HPE Solutions with Containers
HPE2-B04 HPE Solutions with VMware
HPE2-B03 HPE Solutions with SAP HANA
HPE2-B02 HPE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions
HPE2-B01 HPE Data Protection Solutions
HPE0-G03 Administering HPE GreenLake Cloud Services
HPE0-G02 HPE GreenLake Essentials for HPE Presales (internal HPE only)
HPE0-D38 HPE GreenLake Advanced Selling (for HPE employees only)
HPE0-A82 Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate
HP2-I57 Selling HP Lifecycle Services for Workforce Computing 2024
HP2-I56 Manageability Support and Deployment 2023
HP2-I55 Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2023
HP2-I54 Selling HP Workstations 2023
HP2-I50 Selling HP SCE & WPS 2023
HP2-I49 Selling HP Print Security 2023
HPE0-V24 Delta - Advanced HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions (Hybrid IT)
HPE0-V28 Delta - HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions
HP2-I45 Selling HP Commercial Payment Solutions 2023
HPE0-V27 HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions
HP2-I47 Selling HP PS Lifecycle Services 2023
HPE0-V25 HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
HPE0-V26 Delta - HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
HP2-I46 Selling HP Proactive Insights 2023
HP2-I48 Selling HP Personal Systems Security 2023
HP2-I44 Selling HP Workstations 2022
HPE0-G01 HPE GreenLake Administrator Essentials
HPE6-A83 Aruba Certified Network Security Professional Exam
HPE6-A76 Aruba Certified Edge Expert Exam
HPE6-A74 Aruba Certified Edge Associate Exam
HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam
HPE3-U01 Aruba Certified Network Technician Exam
HPE2-W08 Aruba Location Services Specialist Exam
HPE2-W06 Aruba Data Center Network Specialist Exam
HPE2-W03 Aruba Managed Service Provider Specialist Exam
HPE2-N69 Using HPE Cray AI Development Environment
HPE2-E73 Selling the HPE Portfolio
HPE2-CP11 Optimizing HPE Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Azure
HPE1-H01 Designing HPE Advanced Hybrid IT Solutions
HPE0-V23 Creating HPE Container Solutions
HPE0-V22 Creating HPE Microsoft Solutions
HPE0-V21 Creating HPE VMware Solutions
HPE0-V20 Creating HPE Scale Out Storage Solutions
HPE0-V19 Creating HPE Real Time Analytics Solutions with SAP HANA
HPE0-V16 Creating HPE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions
HPE0-V15 Delta - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
HPE0-V12 Designing HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Compute Solutions
HPE0-S59 HPE Compute Solutions
HPE0-J69 Delta - HPE Storage Solutions
HP5-C09D Selling HP Personal Systems Security 2020 delta
HP5-C08D Selling HP Thin Clients 2019 delta
HP5-C06D Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2019 delta
HP5-C05D HP Managed Print Specialist Premier 2019 delta
HP5-C04D HP Managed Print Specialist Select 2019 delta
HP4-A06 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (US)
HP3-C50 Servicing and Supporting HP Designjet Z5400 - Z2100
HP2-I42 Implementing HP Collaboration Solutions 2022
HP2-I41 Selling HP Collaboration Solutions 2022
HP2-I40 Selling HP Teradici Solutions 2022
HP2-I39 Selling HP Wolf Pro Security 2022
HP2-I36 Selling HP and Microsoft Education Solutions 2021
HP2-I35 Delivering PS Manageability Services (Subscription-authorized) 2021
HP2-I34 Delivering PS Manageability Services (Onboarding-authorized) 2021
HP2-I33 Selling Latex Production Mid-Volume 2021
HP2-I32 Selling Latex Commercial Productivity 2021
HP2-I31 Selling Latex Commercial Entry and Value 2021
HP2-I30 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2021 (US)
HP2-I29 Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2021
HP2-I28 Selling HP Workstations 2021
HP2-I27 Introducing HP Contractual Business 2021
HP2-I26 Project Management Fundamentals (ONLINE)
HP2-I25 Selling HP Print Managed Services (Component MPS) 2021
HP2-I24 Selling HP Print Support Services (Page MPS) 2021
HP2-I23 Selling HP DesignJet T-Series and Z-Series 2021
HP2-I22 Selling HP PS Lifecycle Services 2021
HP2-I21 Selling HP Print Lifecycle Services 2021
HP2-I20 Selling HP PS Security Services 2021
HP2-I19 Selling HP Textile Printers 2020
HP2-I18 Selling HP Supplies 2020 (APJ)
HP2-I16 Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals (ONLINE)
HP2-I09 Implementing MyQ Solutions 2020
HP2-I07 Selling HP Workpath apps 2020
HP2-I04 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (other countries)
HP2-I03 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (AU and NZ)
HP2-I02 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (UK)
HP2-H96 Selling HP Thin Clients 2019
HP2-H95 Implementing Microsoft Collaboration Solutions 2019